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In New Zealand and Australia downlights by law are not able to be installed without the correct certification and labeling. Downlights with no downlight classification marking are not compliant to be installed. 

The downlight classifications listed below dictate how the downlight can be installed in accordance with electrical safety regulation standards in regard to placement  with building insulation and clearance from building elements.




 Classification Current Marking  Previous Marking Description
  • Building insulation can abut to sides of downlight
  • Non-flammable building  insulation can abut to sides of downlight
  •  Flammable building  insulation can not abut to sides of downlight
  •  No building insulation can cover downlight


(Not applicable to Australia)

  • Non-flammable building insulation can completely cover downlight
  • Building insulation of any specification can completely cover downlight
  • Use where air transfer is not permitted between living space and roof space.
  • Insulation contact prohibited
  • NZ & AUS intended for commercial industrial use only.
  •  NZ - Industrial commercial use only
  • Australia - residential & commercial must observe manufactures stated clearances



downlights diagram


SCB Side clearance to building

HCB Height clearance to building elements

SCI Side clearance to building insulation

MIC Minimum clearance above building insulation for ventilation

Insulation type Class markings and Manufacturers specifications dictate what type of insulation is safe for each class of downlight