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Easy to install 12V constant voltage system with the advantage of longer life LED’s from the internal constant current system.

Both LED and halogen fixtures can run off the same power supply cable.

12V constant voltage systems allow ease of installation in parallel and avoids the disadvantage of power surges that can be caused by switching constant current power supplies.


LED Fixture internal design:

In Integral LED Lighting fixtures where numerous small LED’s are mounted on a printed circuit board, typically they are designed with the power supply connected in parallel (constant voltage) across small groups of LED’s. The LED’s in each small group are then connected in series achieving constant current to each LED. 


Image 9


The Superlux LLED range of LED garden lights use a similar principle to achieve superior lighting uniformity and reliability, using a constant voltage supply. This can be from a 12Volt transformer AC 50 Hz, or from a 12Volt DC driver.

The Superlux LLED garden light fixtures have patented LED modules which convert this 12V constant voltage supply to the constant current supply which is running within the internal printed circuit board. 


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