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Steps on how to set up your installation..


Step1 Image 4STEP ONE: 

Choosing the Electronic Driver wattage:

The addition of the wattages of the LED elements should be about within the maximum wattage of the driver.


Step1 Image 3



Step 2 image 9STEP TWO: 

How long can I go?

Lengths beyond 7 metres may have a noticeable loss of brightness. The use of amplifiers allows virtually unlimited lengths from one controller.





 Step 2 image 10String Modules:

More then 40 modules may have a noticeable loss of brightness. The use of amplifiers allows virtually unlimited lengths from one controller.


Tip: To achieve maximum light uniformity-

  • Over lap or stagger the modules.
  • Run modules in one direction then back again as the first module is slightly brighter and the last module is slightly dimmer, this will even out the light uniformity. 





SLED Amplifiers:
Voltage drop occurs over long lengths of LED ribbons and module chains. An amplifier at the end of a long run will enhance the brightness at the end and will ensure that the starting elements suffer no light loss when further ribbons and/or modules are added after the amplifier. The power supply to the amplifier should be in keeping with the total wattage of the additional elements. 

The elements and amplifiers can be fed from the same power supply driver if it is of a satisfactory wattage. The physical layout of the LED elements will also determine use of one or multiple drivers and amplifiers. The use of multiple drivers without amplifiers foregoes the advantage of a single controller, which keeps the installation running in sync, so where effect modes are required this may need to be thought through carefully.  

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