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Flood3Consider safety, vandal resistance, security, light pollution, glare avoidance, operating cost, convenience and effectiveness. Luminaires can be mounted on buildings, poles or the ground; often special brackets or structures have to be made.

Types of Light Distribution

Symmetric Light: is distributed uniformly below a luminaire such as a bollard.

Asymmetric Light: is concentrated uniformly to one side of the fixture such as signage lights.

Directional Light: is projected in a defined direction e.g. flood lights.

Multi Directional Light: is distributed equally in all directions, such as pole mounted globes.

Area Lighting

A lot of light can be ‘lost’ so a high utilisation factor cannot be expected. There will also be a much greater variation in uniformity (compared to interior lighting) often up to 15:1 over the lit area. Spacing to pole height ratios is typically 3:1 or 4:1.

Typical Lux Levels Achieved

1 – 10 LUX Storage areas and car parks

10 – 50 LUX Industrial yards, work areas

50 – 150 LUX Devanning areas, petrol stations

Refer to Bulkhead page for material selection and maintenance guidance.