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FurnitireandDisplay2Kitchen lighting

Kitchen cabinet lighting makes finding utensils and other items easier and can create a feature by backlighting glass doors and splash backs. Under cabinet lighting ensures there is adequate lighting on the kitchen bench for easy and safe preparation of food. PIR electronic switches are available and perfect for use in the kitchen, use a “no touch PIR switch” SSW-ONOFF for under cabinet lighting, simply wave your hand across the sensor to turn lights on and off, great for when you have sticky hands. For in cupboards a “proximity switch” SSW-PROX is available, this will turn cabinet lights “on” instantly when the cupboard door is opened and “off” again when shut.

Display lighting

Make objects and  signage stand out and be seen in all their glory. Use display lighting to light merchandise in a shop or fine objects in a residential setting. Use either a bright uniform lighting effect to show all detail or use high contrast single direction lighting to create drama.