Superlux Weather Board Packers
With the popularity of Weather board homes on the rise, modern light fittings have been on a slippery slope!
No longer will your Light fittings have to be mounted on an unacceptable angle. Superlux have taken note of this unfortunate situation with a quick and easy solution to keep your exterior light fitting on the straight and narrow.
Superlux Weather board packers are available in 2 sizes 145mm square and 110mm by 104mm both with  a 3 degree angle which can be easily stacked together to get to your desired vertical angle. They have an inter-lock pattern which locks the stack of packers together to make it easy, keeping them together whilst they are being fixed to your weather boards. They can also be stacked above or next to each other for mounting fitting fittings that are tall or wide. The packer can be easily trimmed if it is too large. They come in the colour double hasst and can be painted to match the weather boards. A Variety of exterior light fittings can be mounted with this solution such as Lanterns, tube lights and bulkheads.

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Keep on the vertical!
Superlux weather board packers

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